charlotte adamarie | january 2016

A post-snow photo session was such a great idea! I cannot take credit, however, as it was Charlotte’s momma who suggested it. They were the braves ones to come out after the snow and make their way to our house so I could snap a few pictures while this curly headed cutie played in the snow. It was beautiful, if I do say so myself 🙂


Charlotte Adamarie | January 2016-1Charlotte Adamarie | January 2016-3

Charlotte Adamarie | January 2016-4

Chilly snuggles with Mom!

Charlotte Adamarie | January 2016-6

Charlotte Adamarie | January 2016-10

Blowing snow, not so easy with gloves on.

Charlotte Adamarie | January 2016-13Charlotte Adamarie | January 2016-15Charlotte Adamarie | January 2016-18

Charlotte Adamarie | January 2016-27

So much personality in such a little body.

much love,


baby simon, newborn | december 2015

Baby Simon, what a precious little man! I absolutely loved capturing all his newness. Newborn sessions are some of the best, I swear. All the brand new baby parts, the way they snuggle into Mom and Dad… ugh, so sweet. It melts me a little bit. Simon was the perfect subject, he slept pretty much our whole session without disruption even when big sister, Dottie, gave him a poke or two 😉 who, by the way, is also adorable! She’s going to be a great big sister, aside from the poke or two she was pretty gentle with him, which impressed me!

Enjoy the sweetness of Simon and all the gorgeous light in the Vanderwagon home!

Baby Simon | December 2015-14

Baby Simon | December 2015-4Baby Simon | December 2015-7

Baby Simon | December 2015-24

Now here is a Dad who knows how to “shush” a baby!

Baby Simon | December 2015-28

Baby Simon | December 2015-28

Baby Simon | December 2015-36

Baby Simon | December 2015-34

Seriously, these two are almost cuter than the baby… almost!

Baby Simon | December 2015-40

Baby Simon | December 2015-42

Is there a sweeter way to end this post?? I think not.

much love,


the horsts, november 2015 | family

It’s always so fun to photograph someone I know, especially over the course of a few years. It’s crazy to think that what feels like yesterday is when I met up with Meredith & Joe to photograph her bump, and a few weeks ago we met up to photograph their family of three as Kayla turns TWO! Father time is the enemy, people.

Kayla put on her charm, per the usual, and made my job pretty easy. Enjoy some blonde-haired, blue-eyed cuteness and her sweet parents!

Horst Family | November 2015-1Horst Family | November 2015-10Horst Family | November 2015-6Horst Family | November 2015-2Horst Family | November 2015-24Horst Family | November 2015-20

Horst Family | November 2015-36

I mean, come on! She’s so stinking cute.

Horst Family | November 2015-32

Horst Family | November 2015-28

The slide was a definite favorite!

Much love,


the martins, october 2015 | family

I think Havre de Grace is one of my favorite locations to photograph people! Maybe I’m a little biased since our engagement AND maternity photos were taken there, but regardless, it’s a favorite! So when, Marcie (a co-nurse), suggested it I was totally on board. It ended up being a beautiful evening for pictures by the water, and even though it was a bit chilly that did not stop these 3 from popping out some great pictures! And how cute is this little boy?! Oh my… he’s adorable! I mean blonde hair and blue eyes is always an automatic winner 😉


This little man sure does adore his Daddy!

This little man sure does adore his Daddy!

Martin Family | October 2015-7 Martin Family | October 2015-15

Too cute for words!

Too cute for words!

Martin Family | October 2015-21 Martin Family | October 2015-28

He was so excited to have Mom and Dad swing him around, and I got the best photos of him smiling because of it!

He was so excited to have Mom and Dad swing him around, and I got the best photos of him smiling because of it!

Martin Family | October 2015-35 Martin Family | October 2015-40 Martin Family | October 2015-47

much love,


the davis’, october 2015 | family

It was so fun to catch up with this family! I had taken photos of the youngest girl, Lainy, every few months during her first year of life, and it was so great to see her now at almost THREE! Where does the time go?! The Davis family really is so genuinely sweet, it’s quite refreshing. The girls did so awesome during our time together and it shows in the pictures below.

Enjoy the sweetest little girls and the fabulous colors of fall!

Such sass, in a cute way ;)

Such sass, in a cute way 😉

Davis Family | October 2015-4 Davis Family | October 2015-10 Davis Family | October 2015-14 Davis Family | October 2015-28

Always need to get a little Mom and Dad time, too!

Always need to get a little Mom and Dad time, too!

Davis Family | October 2015-41 Davis Family | October 2015-51 Davis Family | October 2015-62

Love, love, love how Lainy is looking up at her Dad!

Love, love, love how Lainy is looking up at her Dad!

Davis Family | October 2015-67 Davis Family | October 2015-88

much love,


the hoerrs, july 2015 | family

These two young ladies are just precious! Kadence and Fiona come over to my house a few weeks ago for a little time in front of my camera but it turned into them exploring fun things like chasing dogs, playing with chickens and eating veggies out of the garden. I think it’s safe to say Graham has a little crush on the two of them now because anyone who enjoys picking up the chickens, playing with our pups, picking/eating wine berries and eating the vegetables out of the garden is a-okay in his book, and well, I couldn’t agree more! They were too fun to watch (and photograph for that matter)!

Kadence and Fiona made my job pretty easy, and I hope they put a little smile on your face as you browse through their pictures!

Oh... and the girls picked flowers too!

Oh… and the girls picked flowers too!

Hoerr Ladies | July 2015-13 Hoerr Ladies | July 2015-19

*insert the "sisters, sisters" song from White Christmas!

*insert the “sisters, sisters” song from White Christmas!


Hoerr Ladies | July 2015-39 Hoerr Ladies | July 2015-48

These two....

These two….

They're too much!

They’re too much!

Hoerr Ladies | July 2015-55

much love,


the atwells, july 2015 | family

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of these lovely nieces of mine. They are so full of personality, all in different ways, and it just makes me laugh to watch them! All 3 of them are growing WAY to fast and it pings my heart a little bit that time is flying by so quickly; I think it’s making me intentionally enjoy every day with Rowen be I’m realizing time only goes faster as they grow.

Okay, enough of the sappiness (and watery eyes from me)! Hoping you enjoy all of cuteness that these sweet girls bring. Too bad they weren’t sweet long enough to get a photo of all 3 of them together 😉 Maybe next time!


Skylar Brynn | 20 months-2 Skylar Brynn | 20 months-3 Skylar Brynn | 20 months-5Haylie Lynn | 4 years-5 Haylie Lynn | 4 years-7 Haylie Lynn | 4 years-8 Haylie Lynn | 4 years-12 Haylie Lynn | 4 years-13

Haylie Lynn | 4 years-14

Ugh.... she's so grow up it makes me feel queasy.

Tinley Wilcox | 7 years-5 Tinley Wilcox | 7 years-6 Tinley Wilcox | 7 years-7 Tinley Wilcox | 7 years-8

much love,